How Feeling Unsafe Affects Your Finances and How to Feel Safe -TPS256

I recently had one of my major AHAs about how feeling unsafe or vulnerable can be acted out through various financial dramas, including income ups and downs. This feeling of unsafe can be caused by many childhood experiences, including coming from a persecuted culture. I also mention that I’m adding an episode on Monday’s called Prosperity Quick Tips.


  • I talk about what’s been going on that led me to the new AHA.
  • When I’m in an uncomfortable spot, I ask, “What am I feeling, when have I felt this before, what would I rather be feeling, and do I know how to feel that.”
  • Hypervigilance is often present when, as a child, there was any kind abuse or neglect or alcoholism.
  • I realized that I was still dealing with the hypervigilance and feeling unsafe.
  • One of the reasons people become controlling is because they are trying to keep themselves safe.
  • A lot of decisions we make are to keep ourselves safe.
  • When what you say or what you feel as a child is invalidated, that can cause feeling unsafe.
  • Although I wasn’t feeling safe, I realized I am safe.
  • To feel safe, I need to feel loved.
  • I realized that when I do feel loved, that’s the same feeling that I get when I get paid.
  • When I finally realized that my parents were wounded children, it changed my perception of my life.
  • I share a story about my friend who has an up and down pattern and how it relates to the fact that his father left very early in my friend’s life.
  • Whenever there is uncertainty, your amygdala will tell you are in danger.
  • Right this minute, are you ok?
  • Think back to times in your life when you felt safe.
  • Sometimes we create isolation in order to feel safe.
  • You may be making decisions that are not the best decisions for your business, but you make them in order to feel safe.
  • When you keep yourself from feeling close to people, that may be to keep yourself safe.
  • Are you protecting yourself by spending a lot of time in the digital world?
  • Many people are not expressing their true self because they don’t feel safe doing so.
  • It helps to understand how your emotions affect your decisions.


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