Fear of Success & Fear of Failure Will Keep You Stuck TPS193

TPS193I was talking to someone who is stuck on a low-paying job. He’s had a large deal pending for one of his inventions, but it fell through. It was a big blow. As a result, he hasn’t tried again because of his fear that something similar could happen again. Never really dealt with the pain of the experience.


  • I recently realized that I have the same fear of success and failure because of the bankruptcy experience I had 30 years ago.
  • Keeping myself small is protecting me from having to go through another business trauma.
  • I share a less traumatic experience with another business that didn’t work out.
  • Our brain warns us when it appears that we’re in danger.
  • It helped to get in touch with both the feelings of success and failure that I had from the past.
  • My life has been moving forward in new ways since I faced my fear of success and failure.
  • I’ve learned to not get too emotionally invested in business projects.
  • You have to get in touch where the fear started.
  • Share what you’re going through with someone else.
  • Disappointment is a common emotional habit.
  • Ask yourself, am I really afraid of success?
  • There can be a fear of not being able to deal with success and high income.
  • It’s important to keep track of your money so you can trust yourself with more.
  • What are you afraid will happen if your dreams come true?
  • Are you procrastinating to avoid facing what will happen?
  • Do you need someone to be accountable to?


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