Energy Psychology Technique- (BSFF)

Financial blocks are caused by old emotions and limiting beliefs. My goal has been to find techniques that allow for the rapid elimination of these blocks so that you can create a comfortable, prosperous life for yourself.

I have been using two techniques in the emerging field of Energy Psychology that can help you quickly and easily overcome your financial blocks. They are Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), developed by Larry Nims, Ph.D. and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), developed by Gary Craig.

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF)

BSFF is a highly focused method for treating virtually any kind of discomfort. This is done by eliminating from your subconscious both self-limiting beliefs and the emotional roots of the discomforts.

The basic theory of BSFF is that your subconscious mind is a faithful servant and will do whatever you tell it. And what you are going to tell it is to use a simple cue word, of your choosing, to eliminate all of the roots of whatever problems you ask it to treat.

BSFF is that simple. However, it does take some finesse to recognize and eliminate all of the roots of your problems. To help you learn to do this, Joan Sotkin, the creator of, has collaborated with the developer of BSFF, Larry Nims, Ph.D. on a book that will quickly teach you this elegant technique.

Lean more about BSFF and how it can help you physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Learn how to use BSFF for financial issues