Energy Flow and Your Income w/Joan Sotkin TPS197

TPS197Because I want to increase my sphere of influence, I have to do something to alter the energy flow in my life. If I don’t, I’ll stay where I am. So, I decided to get rid of everything I wouldn’t take with me if I were moving.


  • I’ve gotten rid of a lot of office things, journals and more.
  • It’s getting rid of things in the nooks and crannies that can alter your energy.
  • I share about letting go of things from my past.
  • If you’re going to change your financial identity, you have to change your energy.
  • The idea is to create empty space so new things can come in.
  • When the energy shifts, you can draw in new clients and opportunities.
  • Take a look at the energy in your life: your home, food, clothes and more.
  • What kind of condition is your car in?
  • Are the colors in your life dull or bright?
  • The energy of the colors you wear make a difference.
  • You can control the energy in your life.
  • All these things are energy and affect your life and financial outcomes.
  • The energy you give out affects the energy of what comes to you.
  • If you feel stuck, then something in your life has to change. Start with your house.
  • As you let go of stuff, you may feel uncomfortable because it’s a new energy flow.
  • Exercise and meditation will affect your energy flow.
  • Make small changes on a daily basis.


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