Emotions and Money with Joan Sotkin TPS189

TPS189I’ve talked a lot about emotions and money, and today I want to take a really good look at the main emotions that people act out through their finances. It’s also important to understand that much of what is going on in the world today is a result of our collective emotions.


  • A buildup of anger, frustration, powerlessness are behind much of the turmoil in the world today.
  • In 1983 I came to understand the connections between emotions and overeating and money.
  • I learned that debting has an emotional base.
  • It’s amazing that there is still more that I’m learning.
  • It’s great that now so many people are paying attention to emotions.
  • I describe the system that I use for releasing old emotions.
  • I go over the five main feelings that people act out through their emotions.
  • Many uncomfortable feelings start in early childhood.
  • The feelings I examine are aloneness, shame, deprivation, anger, a sense of being trapped.


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