Doug Foresta: Helping People Find the Courage to Express Themselves TPS178

TPS178Doug Foresta is a coach, podcater, teacher and mentor who helps service professionals expand their reach and attract their ideal clients. He has been podcasting for eight years and now helps others start and sustain their own podcast with his Launch and Leverage program.


  • Doug’s background is in theatre and writing and he also has a degree in counselling. He shares how he got into podcasting.
  • As soon as Doug heard about podcasting, he started one on BlogTalk Radio.
  • What I’m really passionate about helping people express their gifts.
  • Growing up I always felt suffocated and stuck inside of myself.
  • One of the benefits of podcasting, it allows you to speak your truth.
  • There is a human need to express ourselves.
  • Children are taught to not be heard. Doug helps the adult be heard.
  • At the end of the day, there is never going to be another you.
  • When I get a vision of what can be, I have to see it through.
  • Doug talks about how he helps people come out of their shell.
  • The point isn’t the number of downloads, it’s about who you affect with the truth.
  • You can’t really know what your impact on other people is.


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