Developing a New Financial Identity w/Joan Sotkin TPS195

TPS195Today I’m talking about what it really takes to move into a new financial position. You have to create a new financial identity and live differently than you are now. So, if you’ve always been at just enough or less-than enough and want to move to more-than enough, you have to change a lot internally and externally.


  • If you’ve been living at less-than enough there are probably self-image issues.
  • If you have a conflicted relationship with money, that has to change.
  • I give a suggestion for looking at where you are now and where you want to go.
  • I go over the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that are part of your financial identity.
  • You can’t change your financial identity overnight.
  • You have to alter your self-concept.
  • “Act as if” doesn’t mean spend a lot of money.
  • When you are aware that you feel contracted when thinking about money, imagine you are expanding.
  • Write down the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors around money you want to develop.
  • It’s hard to change your financial identity by yourself.
  • Changing aloneness into feeling connected is a key to altering your financial identity.
  • One of the best way to begin is by altering your financial behaviors.
  • Taking care of your money is empowering.
  • In order to handle wealth, you have to learn how to manage money.
  • It’s hard to make rational business decisions if you don’t know your numbers.
  • If you don’t take small steps in a new direction, you aren’t going to change your financial position.
  • Who are you willing to be regarding money?
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