David Ralph: How He Built His Successful Podcasting Business TPS241

I first met today’s guest, David Ralph,  in December, 2014 when he had me on his podcast, Join Up Dots. It was actually an interview that had a big impact on me because he was really interested in the story about how I gave everything I owned away. His positive response helped me see the value of sharing that story. David has a great story of his own. He showed a lot of courage when he left the corporate world where he had been for over 20 years as a trainer and started his podcast. He now has a top-rated podcast and teaches other people how to make podcasting work for them.


  • We talk about why podcasters feel so connected to their guests.
  • David shares how he got into podcasting after leaving corporate and how he has monetized his podcast.
  • It’s taken three years for everything to come together for him.
  • David’s persistence has been important for his success.
  • David made a lot of money coaching people, then it all disappeared and he went into panic mode.
  • If you are creating a job for yourself that isn’t fun, it’s the wrong job.
  • David talks about what marketing has worked and not worked for him.
  • You have to be a big version of yourself.
  • It’s more mindset than anything else.
  • David talks about how he started teaching people podcasting.
  • The mechanics of podcasting are simple. David inspires people to keep going.
  • We talk about how people who start podcasting who shouldn’t be podcasting.
  • Introverts can be good podcasters.
  • Podcasting takes more time than most people realize.
  • You can make money if you keep going for three or four years.
  • Focus is really important.
  • David is branding everything as confidence building for podcasters.
  • The questions people should ask themselves if they are considering starting a podcast.


David’s site and podcast: www.JoinUpDots.com

David’s podcast mastery training course: https://www.podcastersmastery.com/