Damion Lupo: Innovative Ideas about Retirement, Inner Peace, and The Coming Recession -TPS251

Damion Lupo, the founder of Total Control Financial, is a lifelong American entrepreneur! He started his first business at age 11. Now he’s the owner of an 8-figure real estate empire, has earned multiple black belts, and is a well-sought financial consultant for high profile clients. Damion is an expert about money psychology, and among his passions and areas of expertise are real estate, venture capitalism, alternative investment strategies, as well as Yokido – a martial art founded by Damion himself. Yokido is for the student who wishes to live a gentile, yet focused life.


  • Damion shares his ideas about why our current view of retirement is really toxic.
  • The average male dies within three years of retirement because they lose their purpose.
  • Damion tested the idea of retirement when he was young and realized he needed to contribute more.
  • Health is the first wealth. Focus on your health first so you can contribute.
  • Our daily choices add up and are what result in our life outcomes.
  • Each time Damion Lupo moved, he gave everything away and started with a blank slate.
  • You have to engage with money or it’ll go away.
  • Damion shares why he thinks our retirement system is leading to downward pressure on the stock market.
  • In 2008, Damion lost a $20 million real estate portfolio.
  • Damion is convinced we are going to have a recession, and he talks about what people need to do to protect themselves.
  • Make a choice to be 100% responsible. Doing this makes you think differently.
  • All the opportunity happens during a recession.
  • It’s important to examine how you are thinking.
  • People around us tend to support our staying where we are.
  • In martial arts, the moment you aren’t present is when you get injured.
  • You need a practice that quiets your mind.
  • For many people wealth is about having a pile of money when it’s really about peace and calm.
  • When you don’t have money, it forces you to think creatively.
  • Our ability to think is the solution, not more money.
  • In his book, Reinvented Life, Damion shows how to ask different questions.


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