Counteracting Uncomfortable Less-Than Feelings TPS179

TPS179The concept of “Less-Than” has come up a few times in the last week – it’s something a lot of people deal with. In my book, Build Your Money Muscles, I talk about the three basic positions: Less than Enough, Just Enough, and More than Enough. The goal is to get to More than Enough. In this episode I talk about something that happened to me recently that had me examining – and releasing – habitual less-than feelings.


  • A lot of the emotional habits we develop are so much a part of our being that it takes time to change.
  • Your emotions form the “warp” around which the fabric of your life is woven.
  • To change the nature of your finances, you have to change to basic threads of your financial fabric.
  • I woke up knowing I had to release some less-than feelings.
  • First, I spoke what was going on in my head out loud. Then, I did some Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) to release.
  • I share the protocol I use with BSFF releases.
  • Next was to decide what I’d rather be feeling. For me, it was “powerful.”
  • Women power is different from male power. Female power is magnetic.
  • I had to allow the feeling of power come into my being.
  • Life is more complicated than what we can define in simple terms.
  • Not everyone agrees with the way I explain the connection between emotions and life stories.
  • You have to make the agreement with yourself to go through this process.
  • The idea is to express what’s deep inside of you.
  • Psychineuroimmunology connects emotions to physical dis-ease.
  • Being brought up in a minority community can cause less-than feelings.
  • Many little things that corporations are doing cause people to feel powerless and less-than.


Read about Be Set Free Fast – an energy psychology technique for rapidly releasing emotional blocks.