Mark Mawhinney: How Coaches Can Excel as Entrepreneurs TPS213

TPS213Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses!  A lifelong entrepreneur, he achieves this with his podcast, “Natural Born Coaches,” and his 1:1, group and online coaching programs. He frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor for

Today, Marc Mawhinney talks about coaches as entrepreneurs and how they can find their place in the business world and excel in their chosen field.


  • The problem that a lot of coaches have is they don’t realize that they are really entrepreneurs.
  • You have to be a hardened entrepreneur to make it as a coach, and a lot of coaches, unfortunately, haven’t realized that yet.
  • If you’re a perfectionist, you’re probably in the wrong line of work. You probably shouldn’t be an entrepreneur because you’re screwed before you start.
  • You have to throw cautions to the wind and just do it.
  • Money goes to people who love and take care of it.
  • You can’t market to high end clients unless you’ve got experience with people with money.
  • Coaches need to fish where the fish are.
  • Whatever you do, you have to be where the people are hanging out.
  • When you give some value first, people will view you as an expert. But you have to approach it the right way.
  • You have to have the desire to really connect to people in order to be a good coach.
  • You need more than just a desire for money.


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