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Can You Really Easily Make Money Online?

Joan SotkinI recently received an email with the subject, “Can you create a 50K a month Webinar?” Of course, the copy said you can. This kind of over-the-top claim is rarely true. I’ve been doing tele-classes and webinars for 12 years and have been doing business online for 20, so I think I can give you a realistic overview of the potential for earning money online.


  • When I first got online 20 years ago, I knew the Internet was the future.
  • In the beginning, making money online was easy and the software was simple.
  • A lot of sales letters are making wild claims about how easy it is to make a lot of money online.
  • You have to love the Internet and spending time online.
  • A lot of people who are making a lot of money online are selling information about selling online.
  • What matters now is building online relationships.
  • Don’t ask, “How can I sell a lot of stuff?” Ask, “How can I build profitable relationships?”
  • Two kinds of selling online: Information products or actual goods and services.
  • It’s important for people to feel you’re talking to them.
  • You have to spend time making contact with people. It’s about connection.
  • Today, everyone is shouting for the same dollars.
  • Making money online is easier if you have a team of people helping you.
  • You can make money online if you are willing to spend the same amount of time you would for an offline business.
  • Your online business is like a child you are creating and nurturing, it just happens to be electronic.
  • The claims that you can make money quickly may be true occasionally, but not very often.
  • You have to spend time researching your potential market. Do people really want what you’re offering?
  • Share useful information on Twitter and interact with others.
  • The online market is constantly changing.
  • Selling online is the same as the mail order business.
  • Not everything you try will work out.
  • You need someone to talk to who has long-term experience, you can trust, and who will give you good advice.


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