Build a Wealth Habit -TPS242

I recently read an article that said that 45% of US deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes are caused by overeating and not eating nutritious foods. So I started thinking that both health and wealth are choices we make and those choice lead to our life outcomes. In this episode I talk about developing the habit of wealth.


  • When you know that sugar is bad and you eat it anyhow, you are making a decision against health.
  • It’s common knowledge that to build wealth, you have to spend less than you earn and invest the rest.
  • Our habitual thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect our ability to make effective decisions.
  • When your brain is overloaded with information, you can’t make effective decisions.
  • It’s a good idea to talk to someone else when trying to make a big decision.
  • You have to make choices that support your decision to build wealth.
  • What simple decisions can I make to move towards wealth?
  • Not everything you try is going to work out, but you have to try.
  • Choose software for keeping track of your money.
  • Wealthy people tend to be frugal and pay attention to their money.
  • Many new business owners don’t realize what the realities of running a business are.
  • You have to recognize your own resistance and overcome it.
  • What habits are you willing to develop that will help you build wealth?
  • Without discipline you won’t become wealthy.
  • Discipline doesn’t come naturally. You have to develop it.
  • How much of your own energy are you willing to invest in your business?
  • Surround yourself with people who know more than you do.
  • Start with small, simple, gradual steps
  • What simple steps can I take today that I’m willing to follow through on in order to move forward?


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