Breaking the Just-Enough Habit

Do you suffer from a just-enough or less-than-enough financial habit? If you do, there’s a good chance that you feel trapped, frustrated, deprived, ashamed, and angry, all major feelings that act themselves out through money.

empty-pocketsFrustration often mounts when people move up the economic ladder only to find themselves still in a just-enough or less-than-enough position. They may have a lot more “stuff,” but the same sense of there not being enough to fill their wants still exists.

Often, a fantasy persists that if there were more money, there would be enough. Not true. If you have a just-e

nough habit, more money won’t change that. A large infusion of cash might alter your emotional state for a while, but chances are that when the high subsides, you’ll feel the same. The feeling is a habit.

How do you break the habit?

First of all, realize that it takes time. You have to create new neural pathways in your brain while breaking down the walls of your own resistance to change. Start small. Here’s how:

1. Look around your house and environment. About what can you say “I have enough _________” Underwear? Dishes? Towels? Food to eat?

Find something and allow yourself to feel the feeling of enough. Sit quietly with yourself and repeat, “I have enough _______.” Then say your power word. Observe your mind as it tries to convince you that you don’t really have enough.


2. What is your concept of more than enough? If you think that a particular amount of money would be more than enough, what is that amount? (If you answer is miles away from where you are now, then you can be sure you are setting yourself up for not having enough.)

Whatever the number, imagine that you have it and decide what you would do with it. Notice the point at which you change the number because it isn’t enough.

3. On a daily basis, say to yourself at least 10 times, “I am enough.” If you resist this, ask yourself why you are so willing to diminish your value.

4. Use this series of statements with your power word:

  • I release my need for not enough. Power word.
  • I release my longing for more. Power word.
  • I am willing to perceive myself as having enough. Power word.
  • I am willing to perceive myself as being enough. Power word.
  • I give myself permission to see my value. Power word.
  • I give myself permission to see my value separate and apart from anything I do or own. Power word.
  • I want to be enough. Power word.
  • I want to value myself. Power word.
  • I am enough.  Power word.

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