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Performance coach and author Bob Litwini the #1 world ranked senior tennis player, two-time World Tennis Champion, 18-time US National Champion, and Eastern Hall of Fame inductee. He has spent over three decades using the New Story method to coach thousands of top athletes, performance coaches, Wall Street hedge funds and traders to raise individual performance to extraordinary levels. He is the real life version of the Wendy Rhoades character on Showtime’s hit “Billions,” he works on Wall Street and lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Jo Ann. Bob’s book, Live the Best Story of Your Life: A World Champion’s Guide to Lasting Change has been an Amazon best-seller since it’s May 2016 release.


  • Everything for Bob has been one step at a time and didn’t seem like such a big deal.
  • When Bob went to college in 1966 his mind opened up to new possibilities.
  • He taught at a private school after college and was appointed tennis coach and learned that he loved it, and developed an effective teaching protocol.
  • Bob started playing competitive tennis in has 30 and started keeping a journal.
  • He focused on learning about himself and didn’t worry about winning and soon became a champion.
  • Because of his experience with his wife’s fatal illness, Bob learned how to survive adversity.
  • How can I practice dealing with adversity in small ways, so if I have something difficult, I’ll know how to deal with it.
  • “I realized I had to practice something other than poor me.”
  • The basis of what Bob teaches is about stories. One of the stories we learned is that change is difficult and Bob questioned that.
  • He realized that we have to look at change in a different way.
  • The instant he realizes he has a bad story, he can write a new story.
  • We talk about his process of having people write their old story and asking if that’s working.
  • If the old story isn’t working, write a new one.
  • People are not aware of how many options they have.
  • Bob asks, “What do you have to lose if you try a new story?”
  • If you don’t like who you are in your new story, you can always go back to being who you were.
  • You don’t have to make a lifetime commitment to change. Just try one thing in the moment and see how it feels.


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