Bill Watkins & Robert Mallon: Holistic Leadership Training TPS146

TPS146Bill Watkins and Robert Mallon are best friends with years of business experience who have put together the Rusty Lion Academy, a coaching firm helping thirty to 49 year old entrepreneurial men develop and sustain thriving businesses and extraordinary lives. Aside from helping these men build a successful business, they also focus on a man’s life outside of work as an equal part of the whole.


  • Bill tells us about Rusty Lion Academy and how it came into being.
  • They have a holistic view of leadership and discuss what they focus on.
  • Bill & Robert are rusty lions who coach young lions. They do best with men because they feel comfortable going deep with them.
  • They use the Predictive Index assessment to help them understand the psychometrics of their client. This helps them connect the results to who the client really is.
  • A man’s emotional framework can be either an asset or detractor.
  • Great leaders are intimately in touch with themselves.
  • Men experience the same emotions that women do, but they don’t necessarily know how to express them.
  • We talk about Joan’s process for helping men express their feelings.
  • They try to show men how to be a human being rather than a human doing.
  • People are becoming more open to older people.
  • A group of men in their 70s were put in a setting that allowed them to believe they were 20 years younger and they actually had more energy.
  • They have a 25-year vision exercise that opens men’s minds to their own definition of success and the life they want to live.
  • The vison exercise also helps their clients reach work-life balance.
  • Don Pellman is a 100 year old man who just won medals at a senior Olympics.


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Story about Don Pellman

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