Bill Lamond: How to Have Pleasure Be the Guiding Principle in Your Life TPS190

TPS190Bill Lamond is a champion of leading women and women who aspire to full leadership. “The point,” says Bill, “is to discover who you really are beyond all the roles you have been taught to play and to become that person and live the life that you are entitled to by voicing yourself in your full gifts and powers.”


  • When Bill was 43 he realized he wanted to create his own success system.
  • Bill’s model is built on genius and pleasure.
  • Pleasure means the state of being pleased.
  • Pleasure is what we are meant for, not hard work.
  • Bill shares a major spiritual experience he had that healed a genetic problem that he had.
  • After three months, I realized I was a different person.
  • As a therapist, I found that people were living life in a little cage.
  • It’s criminal to see people who are only 35 years old and are so limited.
  • Opportunity is about putting your full pleasure into anything you are doing.
  • Feast on life and use it for everything good.
  • Bill talks about how he helps people define their reality outside of their cage.
  • We’ve had millennia of puritanism.
  • If you’ve suffered all your life, you won’t recognize pleasure.
  • We aren’t taught to have pleasure without of guilt.
  • We have a hallucination that we stay the same person throughout our lives.
  • When many people grow older, they get really grim.
  • The main thing is to be a feeling person.
  • We aren’t trained to listen to messages from our inner self.
  • You can’t intellectually figure out what your pleasure is.
  • The most important thing is to discover who you are.
  • Graduate to a different era of your life.


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