Believe in Yourself

One day in 1985, when I was meditating and praying at a spiritual center in Santa Monica, California, I had an experience that turned my life around. At the time, I was having a lot of trouble getting my life to work, and as I prayed I kept pleading with God to change my life. I can remember the cries of “Please God. Please God,” that I kept repeating.

Suddenly, a voice inside of me boomed out, “Joan, no more ‘Please God.’ The Power is within you. Release it!”

For years I had been hearing from various spiritual teachers, “You are the guru,” and “The guru is within you.” The message from the metaphysics I studied was clearly, “You are a master of wisdom.” I understood the concepts, but obviously, I was not living as if they were true.

Instead, I was needy and dependent, often asking my family to rescue me from difficult situations. My physical illnesses were my convenient excuse for not being able to take care of myself.

I knew I had unlimited potential within me and often talked about the business that I would have some day. But someday seemed so far away as I dealt with pain in my physical body and my inability to support myself.

Taking Responsibility

Something happened to me that day in Santa Monica, something that enabled me to understand, deep down inside, that I really could change my life. I suddenly knew that the God Power that I asked to rescue me was not going to fix my life.

It became clear that the God Power was within me. I had to take responsibility for that Power and use it to help myself.

The realization scared me. I soon understood that I was afraid that if I wasn’t being rescued, I’d be alone. It was scary to think that I had to break my dependency on my parents and become a responsible adult. I had to learn to parent myself.

I also understood that as long as I was in a sick, dependent position, I would always be dreaming about my future, but not allowing it to happen. Willingness to accept responsibility for my Power meant being willing to risk failing at whatever I tried to do.

I had no choice but to risk it. Unless I took the step towards my own Power, I would be stuck forever in that never-quite-making-it space that I found so uncomfortable, and I would never be able to experience the health and vitality I knew could be mine.

A Dramatic Change

I did a little ritual the next day to stimulate the start of the new phase of my healing process. I also started affirming, I acknowledge The Power within me and I release it and I am The Power, I am The Light.

Slowly but surely my life began to change. I discovered new therapies for some of my physical problems, and started a business, Joan’s Crystals, that grew faster than I could possibly have imagined. Within a less than a year I had a line of products in 600 stores nationwide, I was mailing out thousands of catalogs and I had an active retail showroom.

There were many tough moments on the way. It would be years before I could honestly say that I was physically, emotionally and financially healthy.

Along the wayI learned to ask for hugs instead of money and to express my feelings in ways other than through my physical body. I did all of the techniques that I have written about.

You Can Do It!

The reason I have told you this story is because if you are struggling to make your life more comfortable, you may find something here that will help you believe, deep down inside, that you are The Power and you are The Light. I hope that you will understand, as I did, that you really do have the power to create whatever you need to become happy and healthy.

You have The Power within you to support yourself on every level and to experience Peace, Love and the Abundance of The Universal Force. You can experience it because you are The Universal Force in action.

All you have to do is believe it!

It isn’t easy to become who you really are because it means developing a whole new set of responses to life. Many of you will choose to stay where you are. But for those of you who are willing to accept the responsibility for The Power within you, the rewards will be endless.

You will experience peace, freedom, comfort and satisfaction. You will also feel loved and accepted. When you accept your Power you are accepting yourself; if you accept yourself, you can love yourself and your life will be a reflection of that love and acceptance.

When you accept your Power, you can never be a victim again. You will feel more in control of your life, and life will happen through you, not to you.

I hope that the information on this website and in my books and tapes can offer you some help and guidance and you travel on your path to total wellness.

Reaching out to others is the most important step anyone can take. The system works best when we understand that we are all in this together. When we support each other we support the whole system.

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