Barry Friedman: You CAN Give Up Sugar – Here’s How! TPS156

TPS156Barry Friedman is author of the #1 Bestseller, “I Love ME More Than Sugar” and a 6-time TED Presenter. You may have seen him on ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX TV because Barry’s THE expert they lean on when they want a dietary specialist and expert opinion on “How to Break Up with Sugar!”

Barry’s the Founder & Head Coach at where he’s helped thousands face this modern health epidemic and successfully win the life-changing challenge of ending sugar addiction. If you’re not all-in on quitting outright, check out Barry’s helpful tips and more on how to get started at too.


  • Barry was a four-time juggling champion. He shares about his amazing juggling career.
  • After a mountain-biking accident when he couldn’t juggle, he started teaching other entertainers how to build a successful business.
  • Barry shares the events that led to his giving up sugar.
  • “My ability to focus increased dramatically after giving up sugar.”
  • His juggling career gave him the discipline to stay away from sugar.
  • People have to find out why they want to give up sugar.
  • We discuss what it is that keeps people from doing what’s healthy for them.
  • Barry describes the withdrawal he had to go through.
  • You need local and global support to go through the withdrawal.
  • The whole game is greater than sugar.
  • Any time you have a craving for sugar, your body probably needs something else – like water.


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