Are You Ready for Prosperity?

No one was more surprised than Tom K. when he scratched off the hidden symbols on a lottery ticket and won $25,000. For years, Tom had struggled financially and often dreamed that somehow he’d get the money to start his own business.

He thought he’d be elated when he realized what he won. But instead he felt overwhelmed and scared. Suddenly he was faced with a number of important decisions. He also soon learned that people treated him differently than they did before he won the money. He wasn’t quite sure how to react to them — or whether he could trust them.

Tom bought some new clothes and electronic toys. Then he made an attempt at starting the business he thought he wanted. Within a few months, all the money was gone, Tom’s business was a bust, and he was right back where he was before.

Tom’s story is not unusual. When I belonged to a financial support group, it was amazing how many people had come into unexpected money — often through an inheritance — and months or years later, their financial situation was as chaotic and they were as needy as they were before their fortunes changed.

The problem with Tom and the others is that their financial situation changed before they made any internal or behavior changes. They weren’t prosperous on the level of consciousness and their lives reflected their lack of self-worth.

If I ask you whether or not you are ready for abundance, your first reaction is probably to answer, “Absolutely.” However, chances are you need to plan for a new life position. You also need to make some changes on the level of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (TBEs).

For example, if you have a poor self-image, often criticize yourself or deny yourself the pleasures of life because you think you are undeserving, when you start making a lot of money, it’s going to make you uncomfortable and you will probably do something to sabotage yourself.

The same thing could happen if you are suddenly faced with a group of loving, accepting, non-judgmental people who reach out to you. If your normal feeling level is one of aloneness or if you have a strong fear of abandonment, loving people could cause you discomfort and you might push them away.

How can you know if you are ready for prosperity? The best way is to take a good look at how you are living your life, how you treat yourself, and what you believe is possible for you. It’s also important to examine your money feelings — they are a good barometer as to how you feel about yourself.