Aprille Janes: Setting Meaningful Goals that Are Right for You TPS67

aprilleAs a coach and consultant, Aprille Janes helps business owners achieve the success they envision. She understands that ‘small business’ doesn’t mean ‘small vision’. She loves being part of that journey to bigger things. As a professional coach Aprille provides vision, objectivity and accountability. As an experienced consultant she brings experience and knowledge. Aprille received her coaching and leadership development training from the Coaches Training Institute, one of the largest accredited coach training institutions in the world. She also has more than 20 years of experience as a successful consultant to some Fortune 500 companies.

  • Aprille shares her experience as an IT person and project manager in Fortune 500 companies. She left corporate life to help people find choices as to how they want to live.
  • How solopreneurs have to make an effort to be with people.
  • Entrepreneurs like to be in control, but to grow, you have to give up some of that control.
  • The importance of prioritizing and simplifying.
  • Biggest problem she sees is that people don’t ask for help.
  • The women she works with often have issues of worthiness that keeps them from charging what they are really worth.
  • Aprille shares an experiment she did where workshop attendees could pay what they want.
  • The same issues are at play when people are afraid to ask for more or if they don’t give generously when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Set goals that make you stretch and means something to you deeply.
  • A dollar figure is a way of measuring if you have reached your goals.
  • Aprille shares a process she uses for helping her clients set meaningful goals.
  • People often have un-thought out goals.
  • The fear of running out of money is the fear of running out of people.
  • When you stand in your own truth, it can alienate people, and that has to be ok.
  • The value of saying, “If one of us has to be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be me.”
  • When getting help, you have to give your helpers permission to be themselves.
  • Creating a tribal culture within your business.
  • The movement towards changing the cultures of business.

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