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TPS188Ani Alexander is a bestselling fiction author, host of the Write to be Read podcast and the founder of Publish to be Read – a company that provides services to writers who want to self-publish their books. Her mission is to inspire and encourage writers to become successful authors. Her site is


  • Ani shares the story of how and why she went from corporate to where she is now.
  • Ani publishes her books via Kindle and Create Space and helps other people do this.
  • Unless you’re a famous writer, you have to do a lot of marketing for your book.
  • Ani also addresses mindset issues that writers have.
  • Writers are often not ready for helpful criticism.
  • Fear of failure or success keeps people from actually writing the book they want to write.
  • Writing is a lonely process.
  • It’s important to connect to other people who share your writing struggles.
  • The editing process can be painful.
  • We get emotionally attached to what we’ve written.
  • A good editor makes sure the reader gets the best experience possible.
  • It’s difficult to open yourself up and put your ideas on paper.
  • Only 1% of people who want to write a book finish the process.
  • There are many times when writing is a struggle.
  • Ask why you want to write the book.
  • Books have become the new business card.
  • Making lot of money from book royalties is unrealistic.
  • A book is one piece of the holistic puzzle of your business strategy.
  • Books that only take a week or so to write are usually done with repurposed content.
  • Books are getting shorter.
  • Ani shares the process she takes writers through to get the book published.


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