An Exploration of Inner Worlds with Jennifer Lipski TPS112

An Exploration of Inner Worlds

JenniferLipskiJennifer Lipski is the co-creator of the online community network, MyMetaWorld: Inner Wisdom in Community. She has been working in health and wellness in different capacities. She is a published writer, public speaker, avid home cook and animal advocate with a BS in Technical & Science Communications and is currently completing her MA in Transpersonal Psychology.


  • When she was a nurse, Jennifer became keenly aware of existence beyond our five senses, and started to explore what this means.
  • She and a few friends decided to create a sacred container where people can share their thoughts and ideas.
  • We discuss the words sacred and divine and how they might have a separating effect.
  • When we say “like-minded” people, that can be separating.
  • We are on a journey that is unfolding our entire lives.
  • A lot of people in the conscious community have trouble talking and learning about money.
  • Everything has to stay in balance.
  • There’s nothing dirty about money. Shift your thinking and ask what the value is of what I offer.
  • You have to let money come back to you or your work is not sustainable.
  • Business and money helps us get in touch with our whole self.
  • Inner wisdom is part of all of us. It’s easy to lose sight of that.
  • You have to balance your inner and outer worlds yourself.
  • There’s a lot of isolation that goes on in the healing community.
  • The difference between positive and negative messages from within.
  • It’s important to take care of the vessel that holds the inner voice, such as eating well, sleeping enough, etc.
  • The inner voice is not tied to emotion.
  • There are different ways to get into an alpha state and get inspired thoughts.
  • While living our busy lives, we tap into our reptilian brain that can keep us from hearing our inner voice.