Amy Segreti: Get In Touch with All of You TPS202

TPS202Today I am talking to Amy Segreti the Founder of Live All Of You. She believes that the key to true happiness and success is living all of ourselves in the world. Through her writing coaching and products she helps people honor their inner compass, craft their day from the inside out, and weave their unique selves into their daily rhythm.


  • Amy shares the back story of how she came to do the work she’s doing now.
  • She used the magazine, Twine, to bridge the world that she was used to, to the new world that she was learning and how she was growing and how it lead up to Live All Of You.
  • Your inner compass is more than just intuition it’s directional.
  • People listen to their intuition in different ways.
  • Amy shares how your intuition requires constant exploration and discovery and being in a place of wonder.
  • Some people listen to fear and think that this is their intuition.
  • If the Universe is you, then where are you getting the information from?
  • Manifesting is not the biggest thing that one can do. One should also listen to the wisdom of higher beings, the Universe, or your own higher Self to figure out what wants to come through you today.
  • Does getting information from an outside source keeps you from truly finding out who they really are.
  • Your mindset allows you to use anything against yourself or anyone else.
  • People tend to get stuck in older limiting beliefs.
  • Amy shares the techniques that she uses to help people to be willing to be their real selves.
  • We have so many ingrained negative beliefs that go as far back as our childhood.
  • Stagnation causes you to not notice the beautiful things around and about you.
  • When people want to discover themselves they tend to just look at how fast can they get there, instead of starting with small questions or small feelings, which are equally as important.


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