Affirm It! Reprogram Yourself for Abundance

Say Yes to AbundanceOur thoughts, beliefs and emotions (TBEs) create our reality. Because we live in an infinite world, the possibilities of what we can create are infinite. The actual course of our lives is determined by the quality and nature of our TBEs.

If you want to change any part of your life, you will have to identify your TBEs, release those that cause discomfort, and replace them with others that will lead to what you want.

Because it has taken many years of intense programming for you to get where you are, it can take time to turn your life around. However, it can be done, and one of the most effective techniques you can use is affirmations.

Affirmations are statements that describe what you are and what you do with your life. By repeating certain phrases, you can change the programming of your subconscious mind and create a more comfortable life for yourself.

You can use these positive phrases to replace negative statements about yourself, such as I look awful, I’m not very talented, I can’t earn much money, etc. Each time you make such negative statements, you are strengthening your negative life position.

Affirmations are simple to do and can be done any time during the day or during meditation. When you are doing mindless tasks, such as washing dishes, or when you are exercising, you can do affirmations.

Get to the Cause
I have come to believe that we create our life stories to express buried emotions. For example, if you are often disappointed, then you are probably acting out disappointment that you experienced in childhood. You need the disappointment in the present time period in order to express the old emotions.

Once you identify the emotions that you are acting out through your life stories, you can begin the affirmation process by releasing your need for that emotion. If disappointment is your habit, then you can affirm, I release my need for disappointment. This will stimulate you subconscious to help you understand your need, which will lead to a change in behavior.

You can also affirm the opposite of your emotional need, such as I enjoy satisfaction or I am satisfied and create whatever I want.

You can create your own affirmations or use one or more of those that are listed below. In meditation, you may hear an affirmation that suits your needs. Once you choose an affirmation, repeat it over and over again. You might want to write it out 100 times to strengthen its effect.

To increase the power of affirmations, follow each with your power word or BSFF Cue word.

Here are some affirmations for abundance:
* There is limitless supply and it is mine
* I release my need for financial insecurity
* I am financially secure
* I am surrounded by loving, giving people
* I release my need to feel needy
* I have everything I want or need
* I release my fear of wealth and wellness
* I am healthy and wealthy
* I allow myself to prosper
* I trust that I will create abundance
* I have more than I need in every area of my life
* I open myself to receive the abundance of The Universe
* I release my need for debt
* I am solvent
* I am safe and secure
* I enjoy a steady flow of positive energy
* I am loved, accepted, acknowledged and appreciated
* I have the resources to develop my creative expression
* I am success
* I freely express my creativity
* I am living my dream
* I have plenty of time and money