Activating and Expressing Your Personal Power – TPS232

My theme for this year is the courage to express your personal power. In this episode, I talk about what personal power is and what you need to do to express yours. Personal power is not about being aggressive or bossy, you can be quiet and introverted and still be in your personal power.


  • I talk about the difference between genetic vs genomic problems.
  • Finding out who are is part of expressing your personal power
  • Personal power is not about being aggressive.
  • Personal power is about having a deep knowing that you are safe and secure.
  • Personal power is about doing what you have to do without fear of what someone else might think or do.
  • Setting boundaries is important.
  • How can you get your needs met without being needy.
  • Learn how to feel touched as part of getting your needs met.
  • Part of being in your personal power is not taking to yourself in a demeaning way.
  • Learn to be independent and interdependent.
  • Being in your personal power is also about taking responsibility for the life you have created.
  • I talk about what it means to be able to have whatever you want.
  • Are you willing to follow your intuition?
  • It often takes a lot of courage to follow your inner guidance because of the potential consequences.
  • Our basic fear is being left alone so we often change our behavior in order to fit in.
  • It’s important to get in touch with your inner knowing so you make decisions that are best for you.
  • I’ve started doing Energy Adjustments via Skype that help people move their life in a positive direction.
  • If you haven’t reached your income potential, it’s probably because you aren’t being who you are and/or you need more business or financial skills.
  • Are you willing to be who you want to be?
  • Make a list of the things you do to push your personal power away.
  • It’s the “I can do it” attitude that will help you be successful.


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