What Action Will You Take Today?

One of the most common complaints I hear from people is that they feel stuck. There’s something they want to do, and they know that doing it will help them succeed, but they don’t take action.

Taking action is the key to success. You can think about building your business, creating a product, or planning a marketing campaign forever, but if you don’t take action, nothing will happen.

There are a number of things that can keep you from taking action.

  1. Fear of failure or making mistakes
  2. Fear of success
  3. Fear that no one will want what you have to offer

There’s more, but in virtually every case, fear is the operative word.

You may have heard me talk about the amygdala – the part of your brain that is trying to protect you. Every time you choose to do something new or something that has an uncertain outcome, your amygdala will warn you that it’s dangerous.

The result is fear, which is designed to keep you from moving forward.

Overcoming signals from your amygdala is as important as creating your new product or service or doing anything new for your business.

Before you start a project, do some research. Before I do anything, I search online to see what others are doing. This often gives me ideas and spurs me to action.

Break down your tasks into small chunks, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Take at least one step forward every day, and if the fear comes up, take a deep breath and ask if you’re okay in the moment.

I’m a big believer in participation in coaching groups. I see how effective the groups I do that are connected to my programs have been for the participants. Sharing with others and having an accountability partner can lead to positive and profitable outcomes.

In Mid-August, I’ll be starting a Get Unstuck & Get It Done coaching group. Participants will choose a project to complete within a 3-month period. We’ll focus both on business skills and mindset.

The group will help you evaluate your idea, figure out the best marketing strategy, and support you in actually doing what you’ve dreamed of.

The group will be limited to 10 people and will meet over the course of 12 weeks. Results are what we’re looking for.

If this interests you, send an email to Joan@ProsperityPlace.com, tell me that you are interested, and let me know what project you have in mind that you’d like to put out into the world.