Action Is the Best Antidote for Financial Fear

Somewhere along the line, marketers discovered that fear sells. As a result, our ever-present media is constantly reminding us to be afraid. Advertisements and news stories thrive on stoking up our fear.

Politicians constantly warn us to be afraid of the “other.” Watch the upcoming political ads (for as long as you can stand them) and notice how fear is often the main theme.

Since our emotions are the creative force behind our life stories, our communal fear contributes to the development of situations such as the financial meltdown, the political divide, terrorism, and our willingness to go to war and kill other people as a solution to our problems.

Feelings of powerlessness that are exacerbated by fear keep people believing that they are victims of life’s circumstances and there’s nothing they can do to fight the forces of power keeping them in servitude.

To which I say, hogwash!

You Have the Power

You do have the power to change your life, no matter how deep your discomfort or how difficult your life may be.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was constantly broke, in debt, and often in need of being rescued financially. I also suffered from an endless list of physical and emotional disorders for which there were no apparent solutions.

But not only was I willing to believe that I could turn my life around, I was also willing to take action. To fix my finances, I went to endless Debtors Anonymous meetings, where I learned about the connection between money and emotions, and I worked with others in the group to create a spending plan and discuss new possibilities for income.

And most importantly, I was willing to change my mindset from one of dependency to taking responsibility for myself and my life outcomes.

If you are hurting financially, there are steps you can take to improve your situation.

1. Stop judging your situation as good or bad and stop complaining. Accept your situation for what it is and ask what steps you can take to make one small change every day.  Be willing to take action! When you start feeling sorry for yourself, think of those who have less than you do and find something to be grateful for.

2. Money is like people and goes to those who love and take care of it. And what money loves most is to be counted. When money is tight, it’s especially important to pay attention and make conscious spending decisions and to keep track of all income and expenses.

If doing this brings up uncomfortable emotions, deal with the emotions. They have nothing to do with the money. They are habitual feelings you have been carrying with you for many years. (See Build Your Money Muscles and Be Set Free Fast for suggestions.)

3. Be creative about generating income. If what you have been doing is no longer working, try something else.

4. Connect to others. Trying to pull yourself out of the down position by yourself is extremely difficult. Humans are, by nature, tribal. Don’t sit home by yourself. Reach out to others. (Think about joining the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program.)

5. Learn something new every day. The Internet is a treasure trove of free information where you can get ideas and connect to others.

What do you do to overcome financial fear? I’d love to hear from you. I’m going to post this question on my Facebook page. I hope you’ll answer (and Like my page)