Acceptance of What Is w/Joan Sotkin TPS143

TPS143Often, people think what they are going through is bad, when in reality it’s just difficult. Difficult and uncomfortable is not necessarily bad. This episode is about how to reperceive the challenges of life and see them from a new perspective so you can find reasonable solutions.


  • People are often afraid to accept what is, because they think that if they do, nothing’s going to change.
  • When you able to accept, it’s easier to move forward because fear goes away.
  • Whatever you are going through now is what you need to become what you’re becoming.
  • When I was wandering with no real place to live, no one understood that I was doing. It was difficult, but as I look back, it was one of the most valuable times of my life.
  • I learned how to be focused in the moment and not worry about the future.
  • What’s happening may not be comfortable, but it’s what you have in order to learn so you fulfill your destiny.
  • We don’t come here to get rich, but to grow and become aware.
  • The spiritual path allows you to see a much bigger picture so you become aware of the world in which you live.
  • When you’re faced with difficult challenges, get help.
  • Ask, how can I benefit from whatever is going on in my life?
  • When you allow yourself to change as the world changes, you’ll have less stress.
  • Often, when going through challenges, you’re learning to get in touch with your internal world.
  • It’s the inner stuff that matters.
  • When you’re coming from a place of acceptance, the solutions that come to you are more effective.
  • If you’re struggling, what might you be guided to learn?
  • If you’re in business and don’t care about money, then you shouldn’t be in business.
  • Knowledge of the financial world is essential in business.
  • Once you decide to find a solution, get help.
  • There’s always a solution, but you have to be willing to find it, and be open to doing what you learn.
  • When you understand how your childhood affected your emotional growth, you can see the stories that are running your life.
  • As your awareness increases you’ll find your solutions.
  • We all have the opportunity to be comfortable.
  • I hope to help you to be you.


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