5 Common Feelings that Can Ruin Your Business

As I discuss in my book, Build Your Money Muscles, motional habits learned in early childhood can have a profound effect on a person’s finances. Common emotions such as anger, shame, deprivation, aloneness, and a sense of being trapped can adversely affect a person’s ability to generate a satisfying income.

For example, if you were shamed as a child but had no outlet for expressing that emotion, you will subconsciously create financial situations that stimulate the feeling of shame. If every time you look at your bank balance you consider it inadequate, this is sure sign that shame is one of your underlying money feelings.

Financial behaviors that indicate the five common emotions are at play include:

  • Chronic debting
  • Underearning
  • Poor investment decisions
  • Late bill paying
  • Compulsive spending
  • Financial vagueness
  • Hoarding money
  • Frequent borrowing of money and not paying it back

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