John Colley: Successful Instructor Shares His Secrets TPS168

TPS168aA few weeks ago, when I was looking for someone to create a graphic for a Udemy course I’m putting together, I found today’s guest, John Colley, on, of all places. He’s not a graphics person. What he has become is a top instructor on, the popular online learning platform. Over 23,000 students have enrolled in his courses and I immediately knew I needed to contact him. Since then, I have listened to dozens of episodes of his podcast, the Online Learning Podcast and I’ve taken a number of his Udemy courses.

John has an interesting background. He’s a graduate of Cambridge with a Master’s in Business Administration, he served in the British army, and he has been an investment banker.


  • John shares how, as an investment banker, he decided to start participating in online learning.
  • He chose because they make it so easy to put your first course together.
  • Online learning is great because you can deliver content in so many different ways, which makes it more engaging.
  • Each lecture is very short and digestible.
  • When you are learning the course creation process, you can learn from the community.
  • You have to look at it from a volume point of view.
  • The more value you provide people, the more you stand out.
  • John can now plan and produce a full Udemy course in about two weeks.
  • John shares how much time he spends learning and working on his business.
  • You need to look at the time spent as a long-time investment.
  • If it’s not a pleasurable experience, you can’t be effective.
  • The real cost of putting together courses is time.
  • My passion is overflowing into a whole lot of areas.
  • John shares which course topics are most popular
  • You have to stick to your area of expertise.
  • If you create a framework, people can enter the framework from many points of view.
  • Let the framework come together organically, but identify the courses that will get you the most traction the quickest.


John’s Website:

Here are the links to John’s courses. Just click on the link and the discount will show automatically.

Udemy Course Masterclass Level 1 – For New Instructors
Normally $97 – $9
An introduction to creating Udemy courses: 29 lectures and 3.5 hours of content

Udemy Course Masterclass Level 2 – Intermediate
Normally $297 – $19
Taking it up a gear: a more complex course covering 130 lectures and 21.5 hours of content

Udemy Course Masterclass Level 3 – Advanced
Normally $297 – $39
My latest advanced course on Udemy – 146 lectures and 15 hours of content

Udemy Course Directory, featuring the Visokio Omniscope Viewer
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A directory of Udemy courses covering over 21,500 courses and over 9,000 instructors

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