Katy Bray: Listen to Your Inner Voice to Build Your Business TPS166

TPS166Katy Bray is a professional clairvoyant and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been game changing for those seeking to achieve the next level of success with greater confidence and authenticity. In other words, she is the Game Changer for Game Changers.

Katy is a certified Vedic Master, Life Coach, Kundalini Reiki Master and Integrative Nutrition practitioner. She is also a sought-after speaker and author on topics related to conscious living, entrepreneurship and leadership and is proud to have a client base spanning 15 countries.

Katy is highly skilled at helping others strengthen their own intuitive gifts so that they can continue to move forward without hesitation in life and in business.


  • Katy was born clairvoyant and has always been very practical.
  • As a child, she knew things that would be happening and her mother didn’t stifle her clairvoyance.
  • She didn’t like doing readings for other people, so she decided to help them listen to their own intuition.
  • Prosperity comes from being congruent with mind, body, spirit.
  • We are all intrinsically connected, which is why we can feel each other’s feelings.
  • Some people are more geared to act on their inner world.
  • People who practice mindfulness are more apt to be able to tune into their inner world.
  • Katy shares about a client who grew her business to a $20M company by listening to her inner messages.
  • The process of letting go and listening can be difficult. You have to be okay with not knowing.
  • Food and lifestyle affects how clearly we hear the voice.
  • Breathing techniques can make a big difference.
  • It takes a relationship with yourself in order to “know” what’s right for you.
  • When people feel disconnected from themselves, they are more apt to make a decision to change.
  • We create our own reality with how we show up.
  • We are our own problem AND our own solution.
  • Feeling stuck is not the worst thing. Staying stuck is.
  • Take slow deep breaths on a regular basis.




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