Can Beliefs Really Be Changed? TPS163

TPS163In today’s episode I examine whether deep-seated beliefs can really be changed or can we just deal with them using various techniques.


  • I talk about the feelings that come when women are in competition with men.
  • Men are taken more seriously than women.
  • There’s a different feeling about men in our society than women.
  • So the question is, How do I recognize a belief that creates certain feelings and still move forward in a male-dominated world?
  • There are times when, in the presence of men, I feel myself contracting.
  • I share my experience being part of a minority group.
  • People often talk about changing beliefs about money, wealth, and wealthy people.
  • If you believe that people like you don’t make a lot of money, you can become aware of the belief, and the feeling associated with the belief, then have a dialogue with yourself about the validity of the belief.
  • Advice from my dog Angel: I’m here, I have every right to be here, and I know you’re going to love me.
  • Use Angel’s advice when you go into a group of people and feel self-conscious.
  • What would you rather be feeling?
  • When I find myself making a judgement based on my belief, I say to myself, “I’m grateful for the gift of every moment.”
  • It’s a matter of being ok with what you believe.
  • It’s hard to establish relationships with people when you’re very judgemental.