Kristen Swarcheck: Empowering People to be Their Authentic Selves TPS158

TPS158Kristin Swarcheck is a CEO of a Training and Development company and a captivating motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host on VoiceAmerica, Transformation Coach and Author who helps people get out of their own way to achieve their definition of success. She is an expert on the topic of empowerment, leadership, overcoming fear and embracing vulnerability.

As a Master Practitioner of the Core Energy Coaching™ process and expert in John Maxwell’s Leadership Coaching and an Abundance Ambassador with Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses, she is able to take coaching to a whole new level and address the very basis of change to help clients achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and businesses. Kristin is known for her natural intuitive ability to empower clients to tap into their true being, align on their path and achieve a life of abundance.



  • Kristin Shares the difficulties she overcame that led to her work today.
  • We talk about what she did to avoid getting into the low-earning trap that many coaches fall into.
  • Her radio show and blog and social media helps her get clients.
  • Kristin has learned to listen to and trust her intuition.
  • I meditate twice a day and ask for what I need.
  • We have to identify the gremlin that lives inside of us.
  • My need for acceptance from others held me back.
  • There was a bright, beautiful person inside of me that I wasn’t allowing to shine.
  • I’m still learning to trust the “downloads” I get.
  • I lost a lot of friends when I went through this. That’s where the courage comes in.
  • When I held my mother’s hand as she was dying, I realized that there is so much more to life than what we tend to think is important.
  • I asked, why don’t we send time nourishing or soul?
  • We can nourish our soul by letting ourselves experiencing our emotions.
  • Being open to the journey and detaching from the outcome helps to overcome fear.
  • Wherever we are in our life is perfect.
  • The potential for your life is unlimited. You can choose where you want to go.
  • The reason why relationships fail is because we think partners will bring us what we need.
  • Dissect your limiting beliefs.
  • We talk about the fear of being alone.


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