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Experience Joan's unique ability to identify the internal and financial issues that are holding you back.

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My goal is to provide help to anyone who is ready to reach a new level personally, professionally, and financially.

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Learn how to obtain both prosperity and financial freedom with Joan’s innovative online courses.

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Build a successful business or professional practice using Joan’s unique holistic approach to prosperity and financial freedom.

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A unique collection that will help you develop prosperity and financial freedom while finding inner peace.

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Improve your relationship with money and yourself while removing the inner blocks to your success.

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A Unique Approach to Prosperity

If you’ve been on the personal growth path and think
there’s something wrong with you that needs fixing…


The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with you that needs fixing. You just have habitual thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that inform your decisions that are no longer serving you.

Using simple brain science, I can help you develop the habitual thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that will move your business, finances or career in a positive direction.

Using the information presented on this site, you will:

  • Develop the mindset and financial skills you need to prosper and thrive in any economy
  • Understand and alter the emotional habits negatively affecting your business and cash flow – without therapy.
  • Experience financial peace of mind so you can live a stress-free, spiritually-centered life
  • Finally reach your full income potential and live a life of prosperity and inner peace


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Your Health Affects Your Business Success -TPS338

The most important part of your business is your own health. In this episode, I talk about various things you can do to improve your health and prevent problems so you can do a better job of running your business – while taking care of yourself. […]

Get Your Finances Ready for 2019 -TPS337

This is a good time of your to get your finances in order so that next year can be not only easier but more profitable. If you keep good financial records, you’ll save time and effort at tax time and you’ll be able to make better financial decisions. […]

Aprille Janes: A Creative, Profitable Life -TPS336

Over the years, Aprille Janes has worn many hats: a computer consultant and project manager, a corporate trainer, writer, podcast host and business coach. These days you’ll find her in her studio overlooking the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia where she paints, writes and uses her experience to help other artists make a living doing what they love. […]

Satisfied clients have said…

“Words can’t fully express how impactful Joan Sotkin has been for me. Joan’s course materials and coaching expertly combine the lessons from her book, blog, podcast and life-experience in a way that have guided me to a new level of existing as a complete human being. Before Joan, I’d never found a person or program that really helped deal with issues comprehensively that had held me back. After working with her closely, I’ve been able to apply the material to my business and life. I could not provide a stronger recommendation for Joan, her coaching and her material. If you want to make real strides toward being your best self, invest in Joan and her Rewire Your Brain course.”  Phil Dillard, Co-Founder VETCON

“When I started with Joan, I was intense, suffered from anxiety and was in need of healing family issues. As long as I was busy burning the candle at both ends, I’d be fine. If I had a Sunday with nothing to do, I’d get anxiety attacks. That is a thing of the past. Joan is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who is grounded in love with a wealth of knowledge and experience that continues to astound me by the results I get in my life.” Katie Adler, English with Katie

“I’ve been a fan of Joan Sotkin and her programs since 2002. I was looking for resources to help my clients, but I found that I’ve benefitted from her work myself! Growing up, I was sheltered from dealing with money. Unknowingly, I made up limiting beliefs and stories about money. Joan’s approach to dealing with money appeals to me because she clearly presents practical principles that make good common sense. At the same time, she gets you to work on the deeper underlying issues that go far beyond the intellect. No one can match her insights into the connection between money and emotions and how family-of-origin issues affect a person’s finances.” George C. Huang, M.D.,

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Worrying Is a Waste of Time

These days, there’s plenty to worry about: politics, world events, crazy people with guns, the possibility of a financial downturn, your own finances, your family, and so much more. It’s no wonder that so many people are suffering from anxiety and stress-related diseases. But, believe it or not, you can choose to train yourself to stop worrying. Many years ago, I was at a lecture given by my first spiritual teacher who said two things that greatly impacted me. Worrying is a waste of time. Anything negative is a waste of time. I said to myself, “What a concept!” From [...]

I’ve Been Caught in the Tunnel of Transition

I haven’t been doing much posting or sending emails lately. The reason: I have been caught in the tunnel of transition. Let me explain. It’s not unusual when going through changes as you move towards a new financial identity for your life, business, or finances to seem to be falling apart. Destruction of the old is part of the process of change, and this part of the process can be uncomfortable because it’s difficult to see what lies ahead. […]

Program Your Brain for Success & Satisfaction

In many ways, your brain can be compared to a computer that functions because of the way it’s programmed. If something in your life isn’t working, it’s most likely because of the programming, not because there is something wrong with you. Do you struggle with up and down income, financial fear, chronic debting, or underearning? Do many of your efforts end in disappointment? […]