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Shifting with the Times

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a man who lives in a retirement community in California who read my book Starting Your Own Business.

Mike told me that quite a few of the retirees in the community were interested in learning about starting a business because many of them still needed to create income in order to live comfortably.

The plight of the retirees is just one symptom of how people have to adapt to changing economic conditions in the US and other countries. Economic survival often requires a shift in focus.

Although shifting to a small business mindset after having a job for many years takes concentrated effort and creative action, with the proper guidance, creating a successful venture is within the realm of possibility. Continue reading

Overcoming Financial Fear

Fear is one of the most prevalent emotion that people express abut their financial position. Some are in a panic, others have an underlying fear, or free-floating anxiety, about their financial situation.

On a day-to-day basis, there is often anxiety about not having enough for necessities, either today or in the future. When it’s bill-paying time, panic, dread, and even physical discomfort are not unusual. Taken to the extreme, people contemplate suicide as a way out of their financial problems.

Often, people just can’t see a way out of their financial situation. Feelings of being trapped and frustrated are common. Internal dialog often includes, “What’s the matter with me? Why can’t I get my financial act together when so many other people can?”

Let me assure you that no matter what you level of financial anxiety, there IS a way out. Continue reading

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