9 Simple Exercises for Getting Rid of Your Money Problems Once and For All!

Build Your Money MusclesLet go of the family-of-origin issues and poor financial habits that are holding you back so you can reach your full financial potential.

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There’s nothing else like the innovative information you will find in this award-winning book. Build Your Money Muscles is guaranteed to help you make the kind of money you have always dreamed of.

There are no false get-rich-quick promises — only proven methods that can help you gradually overcome your financial blocks and create real, lasting prosperity.

Here is a small sample of what you’ll find help with in Build Your Money Muscles.

  • Identifying the connections between your buried feelings and the way you behave with your money. Make this connection and transform your money relationship for good
  • The one factor that keeps you stuck financially—and how to overcome it so you can finally stop feeling trapped and financially frustrated.
  • How to feel comfortable having more money in your life
  • How to manage your money in healthy practical ways so you can keep the money flowing
  • Effective actions for stopping the negative self-talk that drives you crazy and keeps you mired in a “less-than” mindset. This will give you the desired “more than enough” mindset instead
  • How to develop the internal habits that people who experience more than enough all share
  • The secret to establishing wealth-producing behaviors that anyone can do
  • How to reverse overspending, underearning, and chronic debting
  • Simple techniques for satisfying the part of you that craves love and acceptance
  • Complete instructions for using the Power Word technique to replace limiting beliefs and uncomfortable emotions
  • How to transform your finances by recognizing and releasing the family-of-origin issues you are acting out through your money
  • How to stop financial self-sabotage now and forever
  • Replacing negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions about yourself and money with healthy and productive ones
  • How to feel so good about yourself that it will be reflected in your positive money habits
  • How to get ready for more money flowing in and how to handle money in a healthy way so you don’t fall back into old destructive habits
  • And so much more

“Health and Wealth are intimately connected. Build Your Money Muscles provides a step-by-step process to shore up your ability to attract and manage money healthfully.”
Christiane Northrop, MD, Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


Hugh Prather“Possibly the best book on money ever written.”
Hugh Prather, Author of Morning Notes, Shining Through, The Little Book of Letting Go



With your order for this life-altering book, you will receive:

  • Audio: Discovering Your Core Financial Issues
    You’ll learn a technique for uncovering and then eliminating the financial issues that are holding you back. A great reinforcement for the information in Build Your Money Muscles. MP3 Download or listen online. Value $9.95
  • Audio: Creating a Prosperity Habit
    Everything you do is a habit, as you’ll learn in Build Your Money Muscles. This audio will privide you with helpful information that complements the information in the book. MP3 Download or listen online. Value $9.95

All three versions come with the bonuses.

Here’s what people who have followed the advice in Build Your Money Muscles have experienced:

“For the millions of baby boomers who started turning 60 in 2006 clueless about how to plan for a future that won’t include traditional retirement, Joan Sotkin’s Build Your Money Muscles is a gift.  Step by step, Joan leads the way to financial independence that makes choice possible.”  

Marika and Howard Stone, co-authors of Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life (Plume 2004)   

“A great book for those who are serious about financial success! Joan illuminates the behaviors people use to sabotage their financial health while providing solid strategies for positive change”  

John F. Brunett, Jr., Certified Financial PlannerTM

“Joan is insightful, practical, and down to earth about the different ways we sabotage ourselves regarding money in our lives. If you are truly ready to redefine your relationship with money in new and healthy ways this book is a wonder-full guide.”  

Justine Willis, -founder, Managing Producer, New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network –

“There are hundreds of books out there about making money.  What differentiates this one is that Ms. Sotkin takes the reader through step by step exercises to help understand the process, allowing actual participation in the learning process.  I would heartily recommend ‘Build Your Money Muscles’ to anyone with a desire to grow financially.”


Patricia B. Murray, Senior Vice President, First State Bank New Mexico


“A practical, insightful handbook for creating a new financial awareness and more effective habits. Joan’s wisdom on this topic is transformative.”


—Gail McMeekin, LICSW

Author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

and Creative Success Newsletter



“I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last year since I’ve been following your advice. I’m just about out of debt, have saved $5,000, have a job that pays more. I never had a savings account before. And the best part is, I’m getting married in a month! Your work is fantastic.” — Maryanne Dolens

“It took me a few months to actually start following your advice, but once I did, it was amazing how things started improving. I’ll have to admit I had a few slips, but you even helped me understand why it seemed that I was sabotaging myself and how to get back on track. Your advice is down to earth and I can tell that you have really lived through this. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book.” –Jeffrey Waddell

“I had just about given up hope of ever really getting financially healthy. I had tried so many other methods for getting rich. Your approach is so different–much more realistic, and it’s based on such sound principles. Once I understood my patterns with money and the feelings I was acting out, I followed your steps for altering old patterns and my finances gradually started improving. I trust myself now and know I can never go back to my old habits.” — C.D, Wickens

You owe it to yourself to finally get out of your financial rut and transform the internal blocks that limit your financial success.

If you don’t take action now, though, you are sure to continue down the same path that you?ve been on? And we both know that”s not where you want to be.

Act today to start building a better financial tomorrow.

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