Here are just a few comments we have received from clients and site visitors. 

Build Your Money Muscles

“I can’t say enough about your book Build Your Money Muscles I highly recommend it to all that are in any kind of money situation they would like to change. It goes so much deeper into the emotions of it all than just a financial plan to bail you out and is life transforming. Thank You.” Olga Sotomayor

“Your book is life changing indeed. Now I quote it in conversations as if we have met personally. i suppose having listened to your CD’s as well, knowing your voice gives me a sense of having met you beyond just reading the words that you have written. It is never about the money.” Paul Sikhakhane

“Your book is absolutely brilliant and really gives me some hope for the future, thank you so much.” Leigh Mandel

“I so admire and respect the work you are doing and the approach you take with people. Healing money problems from the inside out is really the only way to bring lasting benefit and understanding. Finding your site was an unexpected blessing”. Lynn Allen

“I received your book in the mail yesterday and I have to tell you what a powerful impact it’s had on me so far.  Just reading the first few pages has released a flow of great insight for me.  I’ve been creating writing processes from your material that have been magical, dynamic and potentially life-changing for me! Thank You!” Patti Anderson

“I am finding the BYMM is the best book I have ever read on money management.  It is exactly what I need right now, to help me go forwards from a challenging financial situation.”  Maureen Clark.

“Joan Sotkin’s work in Build Your Money Muscle is critical for anyone who faces a wall of resistance around mature money handling. Financial issues no longer have to keep anyone from their dreams  Thanks so very much for this fine work, Joan!”  - Suzanne Falter-Barns

“Thank you for Build Your Money Muscles and your sensible, practical website.  Although I have attended a great many  rebirthing workshops, meditation groups and self-improvement courses I knew that I  still had a long way to go, particularly in terms of career and financial.  Using daily EFT’ing combined with Build Your Money Muscles, I have resolved and processed huge amounts of stuff that I wasn’t even aware of. ”  Susi Ray

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Prosperity Place

“I just wanted to write to let you know how very much I appreciate YOU and all the information you share on the web. Your Prosperity Tips and all writings are so absolutely fabulous and right on and continue to contribute to me personally all the time. I am always referring your name out to people … whenever I see that there is an issue with prosperity, money, abundance etc. Thank you for being a great teacher! ” Lisa

“I LOVE Prosperity Place!  I have been receiving your newsletter for the last 3 months, and it has been a constant source of information – one that I use personally, as well as to share tidbits of your wisdom with my students and clients.” Diane J

“Your rich contribution via newsletters and audio presentations creates a feeling of support and encouragement that truly empowers me to transform my situation and environment. Even a little bit at a time. Your deep insight into human nature is wonderful and at times, hilarious.”  Terry H.

“After searching for “the truth” in gaining clarity for a better way to enjoy being on this planet, and then finally disregarding most of the stuff that’s out there, it was an easy decision to choose only a few voices to listen to.  You are #1 at the top of a very short list. My deepest regard and thanks for your wisdom.” Marcia Whittleton

“You consistently set the standard for all and model the epitome of integrity. The world is blessed to have you sharing your great energy and high spiritual values.” Sheela Hewitt

Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program

“Wow. Your most recent POMP email hit it right on the head! I am a POMP “lurker” who doesn’t call during the show. I listen to the recordings via iPod, usually in my car during my commute. You often seem to know how to read your audience, and what topics you explore are usually exactly what I need to hear.”  Grace K.

“As a Leo, i know we experience fear often and learn of our courage because of it. The combination of your wise practical Capricorn advise with the spiritual info is so complete that my high state of fear diminished tremendously. I also loved the premise of having survived all we’ve been thru so we can handle what is to come. You have a gift for knowing and articulating.. i know for me, when I hear you speak a process of good change starts. I am so grateful and i thank you.” Susan S.

“Several things have changed in my life since I signed up including receiving a windfall of cash that allowed me to completely pay off my credit card debts and get a fresh start on dealing with my finances in a new and much more conscious way. I feel the things I experienced and learned from your calls and other offerings helped me in making the shift that allowed this to happen. I have a much different relationship with money today and am feeling prosperous and at peace about money for the first time in ages.” Jody L.

“I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your Peace of Mind & Prosperity program and website very much. It is extremely helpful and has opened up for me a totally new view on these money issues. I am working with the ebook, Build Your Money Muscles, and I am using the power word every day, it has already changed my days a lot.” Claudia L.

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