Business Owners and Professional Practitioners…

What Will Insure Your Financial Success?

01-cash-pile-notesOver the past 25 years, I have talked to thousands of small business owners and professional practitioners including coaches, healers, psychologists, financial advisors, and consultants.

Here’s a startling fact: About 90% of these entrepreneurs admit to having a lousy relationship with money and suffer from chronic financial fear.

I did too. Then, in the 1980’s after losing a business I loved, I made a commitment to learn whatever was necessary to avoid bad financial decisions and build a firm financial base.

Now I share what I’ve learned with entrepreneurs and practitioners who want to avoid the pitfalls that can sabotage a business.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You always seem to have less than enough, no matter how hard you work
  • You know you bring value to the world, but you aren’t attracting enough clients or customers
  • You worry a lot about your finances
  • You resist doing the marketing you know you need to do
  • You undercharge for your services
  • You make costly business decisions
  • You’re a chronic procrastinator
  • You wish you could find a way to earn more without working harder or longer hours

Here’s the good news: No matter what your current financial or business concerns, with the right guidance, you CAN find solutions that are in tune with who you are and what you value.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to find solutions to your ongoing concerns and to deal openly and honestly with your money issues, I’d like to invite you to experience a Complimentary Ideas & Insights Session to help you:

  • Gain clarity about what you need to do to develop a healthy income that supports your business and your personal needs
  • Have hope for your financial future – no matter what your current situation
  • Understand how coaching can help you rapidly move forward towards the success you dream of

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About My Kind of Coaching

The techniques I use with my coaching clients developed as a result of my own need to overcome serious financial problems that included bankruptcy and even homelessness.

Over the years I came to understand how family-of-origin issues had a direct bearing on my relationship with money and the seemingly unconscious mistakes I made along the way.

Long-term therapy is not the answer for resolving deep-seated money issues. By showing you how to recognize, release, and replace the habitual emotions that you are acting out through your finances, you can quickly be on your way to developing a healthy cash flow.

Our Coaching Relationship

If you decide to develop a coaching relationship with me, you will discover that I can:

  • Intuitively zone in, with laser focus, on the emotional issues behind the financial behaviors such as overspending, underearning, and chronic debting
  • Gently help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself that will be reflected in a healthy relationship with money
  • Work with you to find the business and marketing methods that are congruent with who you are and what you hope to accomplish

You will be able to:

  • Stop worrying about the future
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Heal old emotional wounds without long-term therapy
  • Develop heightened self-awareness
  • Feel confident exploring and accepting new opportunities
  • Re-ignite passion for your work
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Find a balance between your work and the rest of your life
  • Gain clarity about what you want and why you want it
  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Feel more alive!

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Here are some comments from satisfied clients:

My Business Is Flourishing

“When I first started our coaching relationship, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I just knew that I was uncomfortable with the progress of my business and needed help. I was surprised at how quickly you recognized the issues that were holding me back, and how gently you taught me to establish the internal habits and behaviors I needed to move forward. My business is flourishing now and I’m really grateful for the help you offered me.” -Mike D, New York

A Free Flow of Money

“I really appreciate how you led me out of the limited financial mindset that kept me stuck for years. Your intuitive insight and non-judgemental approach was just what I needed in order to move from a “just-enough” position to a place where I feel comfortable and satisfied. I’m certainly pleased with the free flow of money that comes to me now.” – Georgia B., United Kindgom

I Appreciate Your Insights

”I want to thank you so much for getting me on the right track. Everything you said about money issues was true. In our coaching sessions, you said things to me like: “Maybe you’ve worried for so long, it’s hard to give it up.” And “are you willing to totally support yourself?” And “are you ready to meet your True Self?” I am, and that has started; it is just delicious. I am both scared and excited, but mostly I really wanted you to know HOW MUCH you helped me last summer and got me to this point.” Helen O.

Rapid Increase of Income

“A note of gratitude. Our two sessions were powerfully helpful. Things took off last week — went from $800/mo to $3200/mo and counting!– Bill J.

Extraordinary and Valuable

“Joan’s unique ability to get to the nub of the problem straightaway is extraordinary and valuable.  She got the measure of me and my financial behaviour really, really quickly and then helped me to change it.  It was incredible!  Thank you Joan” – Yvonne H., France

A Challenge to Limiting Beliefs

“As a result of Joan’s coaching, I have a much better sense of myself in the world. Joan helps me challenge my limiting beliefs. She’s often had more confidence in me than I have. Thank you! Thank you!” – Jeff Hood, Santa Fe, NM

How I work

As a coach, my strength lies in helping you

  • Rapidly recognize the habits and patterns that are holding you back and sabotaging your success, and the missing business skills and protocols that you need to succeed.
  • Release whatever is interfering with your progress. To do this, I use a variety of techniques including Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), the Power Word Technique, and many other modalities that I have developed over the past 25 years.
  • Replace both the habits and patterns that are holding you back with new behaviors and responses that can guarantee your success.

My goal is to help you embrace your inherent strengths and integrate them into your business and marketing methods.

As an unconventional thinker, I can uncover nuances of blocks to your success that aren’t apparent to you or others. Understanding this nuances can make a huge difference in your outcomes.

Who I work with

I work wih a select group of entrepreneurs and professionals who want to:

  • Establish healthy financial habits so their businesses can run smoothly and they can feel good about themselves.
  • Develop a more authentic emotional relationship with themselves and others, yet don’t want to spend years retelling their childhood stories in therapy.
  • Explore a stress-free approach to business and finances so that their work life can be more enjoyable and they can experience both satisfaction and financial security.
  • Align their business and financial goals and outcomes with their core personal values so they can feel more connected to themselves and others.

Clients I have helped have been part of a wide range of businesses and professional practices including:

  • Coaches and consultants
  • Financial services professionals (financial planners, bankers, stock brokers)
  • Business owners
  • Investors (real estate, stock market and hedge fund trading)
  • Real estate developers
  • Sales professionals (real estate, telecom, IT)
  • A CEO of a video production company
  • Online auction vendors
  • Healthcare practitioners (nurse practitioners, doctors, a dentist, massage therapists, and others)
  • A recording artist
  • Professional speakers

Complimentary  30-Minute Ideas & Insights Session

The best way to evaluate if my kind of coaching is for you is to experience it. I have room in my schedule for a limited number of these sessions for people who are serious about establishing a new financial identity and getting their business or practice on track.

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Joan Sotkin
President, Prosperity Place, Inc.
Author of Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money

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