Self Improvement

To Increase Your Cash Flow, Increase Your Energy Flow TPS40

nuclearEverything in our three-dimensional reality is made up of energy. If you focus on the energy of your life and learn to replace the energies that pull you down with energies that are uplifting, the positive energy will move you and your finances forward. Continue reading

Thoughts about Aloneness, Negative Self-Talk, and Self-Expression TPS39

lonliness-bookI’ve noticed that the finances of a lot of my clients show signs that aloneness is a feeling they are acting out through their money. Even those who are happily married or have children or have an active social and support system have an underlying feeling of disconnection. In this episode, I examine where this comes from and how the feeling can be replaced by something more comfortable. I also touch upon negative self-talk and willingness to be your true self. Continue reading

Great Advice from Internet Marketing Pioneer David Riklan TPS38

DavidRiklanDavid Riklan is the founder of, a site that gets over 10 million visitors a year. . He also publishes three email newsletters that go out to over 500,000 weekly subscribers on the topics of self-improvement, national health, relationships, and more. Continue reading

Organize Your Life with Dana Rayburn TPS36

Rayburnhead1Many entrepreneurs and practitioners deal with either office or home clutter – or both. Dana Rayburn is an internationally known ADHD Coach who helps people live more successfully with ADHD while they get and stay organized. Dana’s unique and practical techniques for getting organized for the basis of her life, her business and her book, Organized for Life. Continue reading

Let Go of Your Story and Find Your Destiny TPS35

your-story“When you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny.” – TD Jakes. Letting go of your story doesn’t mean never talking about your past. As a matter of fact if you have overcome a difficult past, your story can serve as inspiration for others. The idea is to get past the emotional charge connected to the story and to stop identifying the story as the truth of you. Continue reading

The Anger-Money Connection TPS33

Anger-MoneyThe energy of anger affects a person’s life in many ways and can be the force behind financial problems. Lots of people who appear to be peaceful have anger that they have been carrying with them, and unexpressed anger, which develops in early childhood often appears as underearning, debting, and other financial discomforts. Continue reading

Power Words Can Change Your Life with Sharon Anne Klingler – TPS32

Sharon Klingler On today’s episode you are going to meet Sharon Anne Klingler who is known as an inspiring speaker, author, and intuitive. Her latest book is called Power Words. Her other titles include Secrets of Success and Intuition & Beyond. She has appeared on many TV shows in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Continue reading

A Disappointment Habit Can Limit Your Success TPS27

DisappointmentDo many of your business projects end in disappointment? Are your expectations often much greater than your results? Has disappointment been one of the themes running through your life? In this episode, you’ll learn how a disappointment habit develops and what you can do to transform disappointment into success. Continue reading

A Revolutionary Relief Technique with Satyen Raja TPS26

SatyenSatyen Raja, the founder of the Harmony Integration Academy, is a fifth degree black belt in Kung Fu and has studied just about every spiritual system and healing modality on the planet. He has combined his wealth of knowledge and experience in developing the revolutionary Harmony Integration technique. Continue reading

Improve Your Communication Skills TPS24

On this episode, you’ll learn about the four main communication styles and how understanding yours will help you improve your people skills and make it easier to promote your products or services. You will also hear about tips for improving your communication skills. Continue reading

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