Self Improvement

A Disappointment Habit Can Limit Your Success TPS27

DisappointmentDo many of your business projects end in disappointment? Are your expectations often much greater than your results? Has disappointment been one of the themes running through your life? In this episode, you’ll learn how a disappointment habit develops and what you can do to transform disappointment into success. Continue reading

A Revolutionary Relief Technique with Satyen Raja TPS26

SatyenSatyen Raja, the founder of the Harmony Integration Academy, is a fifth degree black belt in Kung Fu and has studied just about every spiritual system and healing modality on the planet. He has combined his wealth of knowledge and experience in developing the revolutionary Harmony Integration technique. Continue reading

Improve Your Communication Skills TPS24

On this episode, you’ll learn about the four main communication styles and how understanding yours will help you improve your people skills and make it easier to promote your products or services. You will also hear about tips for improving your communication skills. Continue reading

Using Neuroscience to Alter Your Mindset with Shauna Rampley TPS023

shaunaShauna Rampley, who incorporates principles of neuroscience into her work as a consultant and trainer, explains how understanding the workings of the brain can help entrepreneurs experience greater success by getting out of fear and into a positive mindset. Continue reading

Live Successfully in an Uncertain World TPS22

Every business owner, solopreneur, and professional practitioner deals with uncertainty on a regular basis. In this episode, learn about the  fear and discomfor tcreated by uncertaintyand learn how to eliminate or reduce your discomfort. Continue reading

When You’re Stuck, Let Go And Wait

Let GoIf you often feel stuck, you’re certainly not alone. Many people I talk to tell me that they just can’t get themselves to do what they have to do to move forward. As a result, their business languishes or operates at a just-enough level and they feel like there’s something wrong with them.

Why people get or stay stuck Continue reading

Loving Yourself Increases Your Chance for Success – TPS16

Love YourselfTo increase your ability to generate a healthy cash flow, listen to this episode about how to stop criticizing yourself and develop a positive mindset about yourself. You are more likely to reward yourself with higher revenues if you treat yourself like someone you love. Continue reading

To Earn More, Trust Yourself –TPS13

TrustIf you can’t trust yourself to support yourself, then it’s hard to earn what you are capable of earning. Listen to this episode if you want to improve your levels of self-trust. Continue reading

Get Unstuck with Laura Leigh Clarke – TPS12

LauraLeighClarkeMany entrepreneurs complain about being stuck and finding it difficult to move their business forward. In this episode Laura Leigh Clarke, author of Wire Yourself for Wealth, talks about techniques she uses to help business owners get unstuck. Continue reading

The Biochemistry of Success – TPS11

SuccessYou are the most important part of your business and how your body-mind functions is a factor that contributes to your business and financial success. Continue reading

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