9 Solutions for Common Financial Problems TPS45

There are some common problems people deal with vis-à-vis their business and finances, such as fear of running out of money, carrying a lot of debt, underearning, and dealing with habitual emotional habits that are holding them back. Just as there are common problems, there are also some common solutions. In this episode, I present some of those solutions. Continue reading

Manifesting, the Law of Attraction, and Fantasy Thinking – TPS31

01-cash-cartoon-coupleDo you focus a lot on trying to “manifest” a lot of money, or are you a follower of the Law of Attraction? In this episode, I show how this kind of focus is often about lack. “Manifest” and “abundance” can be hungry words when accompanied by longing. Continue reading

Healing Financial Shame TPS029

shameIf you feel any kind of shame about your finances, you’ll want to listen to this episode where you’ll learn important facts about how shame that you’re carrying from childhood can be creating uncomfortable financial dramas. Be sure to download the bonus audio that is offered. Continue reading

To Be or Not To Be In Business – TPS28

girl with question markIn this episode, I examine the question of whether or not being in business is right for you. Lots of people go into business because they don’t want to work for someone else and discover that there is a lot more to being in business than just declaring you are in business. Continue reading

Using Neuroscience to Alter Your Mindset with Shauna Rampley TPS023

shaunaShauna Rampley, who incorporates principles of neuroscience into her work as a consultant and trainer, explains how understanding the workings of the brain can help entrepreneurs experience greater success by getting out of fear and into a positive mindset. Continue reading

Tips for Talking About Money – TPS20

money heapAs a business owner or practitioner, it’s to your advantage to be comfortable talking about money. In this episode, you’ll learn what the advantages are and how to do a better job of talking about money, especially if you suffer from Financial Vagueness Syndrome. Continue reading

Loving Yourself Increases Your Chance for Success – TPS16

Love YourselfTo increase your ability to generate a healthy cash flow, listen to this episode about how to stop criticizing yourself and develop a positive mindset about yourself. You are more likely to reward yourself with higher revenues if you treat yourself like someone you love. Continue reading

The Biochemistry of Success – TPS11

SuccessYou are the most important part of your business and how your body-mind functions is a factor that contributes to your business and financial success. Continue reading

What Does “Prosperity” Mean to You?

Measuring success by one’s financial bottom line is in fashion now, and many people dream of having large sums of money, thinking that this will allow them to feel happy and free.

More than once, I’ve heard the expression, “It’s an abundant universe,” and that whatever you want is just there for the taking. There IS abundance in the physical world, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has the capacity to generate large sums of money. Continue reading

Develop a Successful Financial Identity -TPS9

Do you wonder what it will really take for you to significantly improve your cash flow and business success? The answer lies in understanding and altering your financial identity. Continue reading

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