Personal Power

Activate Your Inner Superhero

SuperheroImagine, if you will, that you are connected to everything in the universe and the energy of the universe courses through you at all times. This energy is available for you to create and mold your reality. You are a co-creator with the Universal Force.

But somehow,  you  have lost touch with this creative power and you labor under the false belief that you’re powerless and at the mercy of life’s circumstances. You no longer recognize your power to co-create.

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Your Unique Value

  • Are you depriving the world of the benefit of your knowledge?
  • Is your insecurity about your personal value keeping you from sharing your talent with others?
  • Do you tend to compare yourself to others – and usually see yourself as worth less?

One of the main reasons that small business owners or practitioners avoid marketing tasks is their fear that what they have to offer does not have value in the marketplace. Fear of rejection or abandonment often comes into play – especially if those were emotions learned in childhood.

The fact is that there is no one else who can present knowledge, create art, or perform tasks exactly as you do, and when you see your own unique value in the marketplace, others will see it too.

The paradox is that when other people offer something similar to you, it’s easier for potential clients to see the value in what you have to offer. For years, I was one of the few people talking about the connection between money and emotions, and a lot of my work involved teaching about this connection. Now many others are entering the field.  Continue reading

17 Ways to Heal Yourself and The World Around You

Like many of you, I’ve been finding ways to adapt to what has become a new and evolving financial reality. Although often difficult or confusing as the world economic and political systems go through turbulent shifts, new opportunities keep opening up for those who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and let go of the past.

This is a time of enormous possibility. As the old systems heave before they crumble, we all have the option of being active participants in creating a world powered by love, compassion, and cooperation.

Not a task for the faint of heart, moving fully forward into this new paradigm takes focus, courage, and the willingness to step into the unknown. It also requires faith in a positive future and an understanding that some of our greatest achievements often emerge from difficult and confusing times.

And one more thing. Action is required.What can you do to contribute to bringing this world into being? Here are some things to think about: Continue reading

Believe in Yourself

One day in 1985, when I was meditating and praying at a spiritual center in Santa Monica, California, I had an experience that turned my life around. At the time, I was having a lot of trouble getting my life to work, and as I prayed I kept pleading with God to change my life. I can remember the cries of “Please God. Please God,” that I kept repeating.

Suddenly, a voice inside of me boomed out, “Joan, no more ‘Please God.’ The Power is within you. Release it!”

For years I had been hearing from various spiritual teachers, “You are the guru,” and “The guru is within you.” The message from the metaphysics I studied was clearly, “You are a master of wisdom.” I understood the concepts, but obviously, I was not living as if they were true. Continue reading

You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Tune into the news on any day and you will hear many victim stories — stories of  victims of crime, terrorists, incompetent doctors, miserable parents and corrupt business people, politicians or religious leaders. There are also victims of life’s circumstances such as poverty, the economy, industrial accidents and a long list of events that are seemingly out of anyone’s control.

To keep from being victims, people are taught the value of distrust and fear. Doors are double locked, complex contracts are written and hearts are closed to neighbors and co-workers. Continue reading

Embracing Your Personal Power

Release your Personal Power

Creating lasting prosperity requires a willingness to embrace and develop your personal power. To help you do this, let’s start by defining the concept of personal power as we will be discussing it.

Your personal power is a reflection of the creative, universal force within you. When it is developed and you are in touch with your personal power:

  • You know, with a deep knowing, that you are safe and secure.
  • You have faith that your true mission and life purpose will evolve and that whatever you are doing today is part of that evolution.
  • You know what you need and want internally and can probatively take the steps to meet your own needs. Continue reading

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