Money Feelings

Thoughts about Aloneness, Negative Self-Talk, and Self-Expression TPS39

lonliness-bookI’ve noticed that the finances of a lot of my clients show signs that aloneness is a feeling they are acting out through their money. Even those who are happily married or have children or have an active social and support system have an underlying feeling of disconnection. In this episode, I examine where this comes from and how the feeling can be replaced by something more comfortable. I also touch upon negative self-talk and willingness to be your true self. Continue reading

The Anger-Money Connection TPS33

Anger-MoneyThe energy of anger affects a person’s life in many ways and can be the force behind financial problems. Lots of people who appear to be peaceful have anger that they have been carrying with them, and unexpressed anger, which develops in early childhood often appears as underearning, debting, and other financial discomforts. Continue reading

Manifesting, the Law of Attraction, and Fantasy Thinking – TPS31

01-cash-cartoon-coupleDo you focus a lot on trying to “manifest” a lot of money, or are you a follower of the Law of Attraction? In this episode, I show how this kind of focus is often about lack. “Manifest” and “abundance” can be hungry words when accompanied by longing. Continue reading

Healing Financial Shame TPS029

shameIf you feel any kind of shame about your finances, you’ll want to listen to this episode where you’ll learn important facts about how shame that you’re carrying from childhood can be creating uncomfortable financial dramas. Be sure to download the bonus audio that is offered. Continue reading

A Disappointment Habit Can Limit Your Success TPS27

DisappointmentDo many of your business projects end in disappointment? Are your expectations often much greater than your results? Has disappointment been one of the themes running through your life? In this episode, you’ll learn how a disappointment habit develops and what you can do to transform disappointment into success. Continue reading

Tips for Talking About Money – TPS20

money heapAs a business owner or practitioner, it’s to your advantage to be comfortable talking about money. In this episode, you’ll learn what the advantages are and how to do a better job of talking about money, especially if you suffer from Financial Vagueness Syndrome. Continue reading

Childhood Experiences that Affect Your Finances-TPS10

Today’s episode will help you understand how beliefs established early in childhood about yourself and the world around you are affecting your business and finances. Continue reading

Breaking the Just-Enough Habit

Do you suffer from a just-enough or less-than-enough financial habit? If you do, there’s a good chance that you feel trapped, frustrated, deprived, ashamed, and angry, all major feelings that act themselves out through money. Continue reading

Preparing for a Financially Sane Holiday Season

Christmas Gift BoxThis is the time of year when the retail world does everything it can to encourage you to overspend. Retailers hope that spending to counteract feelings of deprivation will overshadow your practical need for financial sanity.

This year, the marketers are out in force with early Black Friday, keeping stores open all day on Thanksgiving, and other gimmicks to stimulate your hunger for stuff.

Now is the time to create a holiday spending strategy that will satisfy one of your more sober wants–that of wanting to feel more comfortable about your financial position. Here are some factors to take into consideration: Continue reading

5 Common Feelings that Can Impact Your Bottom Line-TPS7

If you think you should be earning more or have any discomforts about your money, listen to this episode. Continue reading

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