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Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Trip Rothschild – TPS30

tripTrip Rothschild is a generalist business consultant in Santa Fe who works for small-to-mid-sized companies and organizations in a variety of industries, on a wide range of business problems. Trip holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from the Wharton School and is a highly experienced entrepreneur and business manager who has a diverse background across multiple business segments having owned or managed a number of different businesses and city enterprises. Continue reading

Healing Financial Shame TPS029

shameIf you feel any kind of shame about your finances, you’ll want to listen to this episode where you’ll learn important facts about how shame that you’re carrying from childhood can be creating uncomfortable financial dramas. Be sure to download the bonus audio that is offered. Continue reading

To Be or Not To Be In Business – TPS28

girl with question markIn this episode, I examine the question of whether or not being in business is right for you. Lots of people go into business because they don’t want to work for someone else and discover that there is a lot more to being in business than just declaring you are in business. Continue reading

A Disappointment Habit Can Limit Your Success TPS27

DisappointmentDo many of your business projects end in disappointment? Are your expectations often much greater than your results? Has disappointment been one of the themes running through your life? In this episode, you’ll learn how a disappointment habit develops and what you can do to transform disappointment into success. Continue reading

A Revolutionary Relief Technique with Satyen Raja TPS26

SatyenSatyen Raja, the founder of the Harmony Integration Academy, is a fifth degree black belt in Kung Fu and has studied just about every spiritual system and healing modality on the planet. He has combined his wealth of knowledge and experience in developing the revolutionary Harmony Integration technique. Continue reading

Build Financial Health and Wealth with Marla Mac – TPS25

marlaMarla Mac is the author of Healthy Wallet: Keep More Money, Save Your Sanity and Live Happy without Debt, Deprivation or Frustration. Her mission is to help women and men convert their income into financial health and create wealth in ways that work with and not against human behavior. Continue reading

Improve Your Communication Skills TPS24

On this episode, you’ll learn about the four main communication styles and how understanding yours will help you improve your people skills and make it easier to promote your products or services. You will also hear about tips for improving your communication skills. Continue reading

Using Neuroscience to Alter Your Mindset with Shauna Rampley TPS023

shaunaShauna Rampley, who incorporates principles of neuroscience into her work as a consultant and trainer, explains how understanding the workings of the brain can help entrepreneurs experience greater success by getting out of fear and into a positive mindset. Continue reading

Live Successfully in an Uncertain World TPS22

Every business owner, solopreneur, and professional practitioner deals with uncertainty on a regular basis. In this episode, learn about the  fear and discomfor tcreated by uncertaintyand learn how to eliminate or reduce your discomfort. Continue reading

The Secret to Keeping Your Customers Satisfied with Ron Kaufman TPS21

Ron Kaufman: Uplifting Customer ServiceRon Kaufman is known as the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures. During this episode, Ron dives deep into how connecting on a personal level with your customers and clients can help you build a profitable business. He also give tips to people who want to become excellent public speakers. Continue reading

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